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Regarding the rules for the use of electric scooters in other countries or regions

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What are the rules for electric scooters in other countries/regions?

Some countries treat electric scooters like bicycles, while in others they are treated as vehicles. Therefore, in some places, electric scooters must meet the same requirements as vehicles traveling on the road.

If the speed of the scooter does not exceed 25 mph, the electric scooter in the United States can be driven on roads without bicycle lanes. Unless you turn left or pass, you must bring the electric scooter close to the curb on the right.

Different states in the United States also have certain regulations on electric scooters. In California, as long as the user wears a helmet and is over 16 years old, riders can use their electric scooters on roads, bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

Regarding the rules for the use of electric scooters in other countries or regions

Until April 2020, the use of electric scooters is prohibited in New York. Before legislation was passed earlier this year, riding an electric scooter in New York could cost riders US$500 (approximately £385).

In France, the speed limit for driving an electric scooter is 15.5 mph. Those who ride electric scooters at higher speeds will be fined 1,500 euros (approximately £1,359). The minimum age to drive an electric scooter in France is 12 years old.

It is forbidden to use electric scooters with multiple passengers, and those who fail to comply with the regulations will be fined 35 euros (about 32 pounds). Electric scooters in France are also prohibited from driving on the sidewalk.

In Germany, the speed of electric scooters must not exceed 12.4 miles per hour, and the minimum age is 14 years old. Vehicles can be used on roads and bicycle lanes, but not on sidewalks. They must also be equipped with equipment similar to bicycles, such as lights, brakes, mirrors and bells.