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The earliest bicycles were actually wooden?

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With the popularization of the concept of environmental protection and green, bicycles have become a major choice for many people to travel. The design of bicycles follows market demand in terms of materials, craftsmanship and style. New materials, precision processing, ingenious ideas and high-quality bicycles have gradually emerged. market.

Bicycles have not only become a means of transportation for people, but have also joined the fields of sports, leisure, entertainment and fashion. Bicycle design incorporates more technological and cultural elements.

But can you imagine it? The modern and fashionable bicycle design was actually wooden in the beginning! Speaking of wooden bicycles, we have to start with the history of bicycle development.

At the end of the eighteenth century, the French Sivraka invented the earliest bicycle. The earliest bicycle in the world was made of wood. It had no starting equipment. It could only be pedaled hard by human feet, and it did not want to be able to change direction freely like modern bicycles. If a bicycle without steering equipment wants to change its direction, it has to stop and get out of the bicycle and move it by people to adjust its direction.

The first truly practical bicycles were born in the 19th century. The German Delis invented a wooden bicycle with handlebars. Although it also relies on pedals to move forward, it can change direction while moving forward. Aroused widespread concern.

The truly modern bicycle was born in 1874. The British Lawson added a chain to the bicycle ingeniously, and used the chain to push the bicycle forward.

The earliest bicycles were actually wooden?
Later, after continuous development and improvement of bicycle design, modern bicycles were gradually developed. In China in the 1970s and 1980s, bicycles, watches, and sewing machines were known as the three major pieces of marriage, which was a symbol of a well-off family at that time.

In the 21st century, bicycles are no longer the three major items of the year, but they are very common, and they are becoming more and more closely related to people's lives.

The bicycle has been developed to the present, and it has returned to the chainless bicycle design. But unlike the original bicycle, it is driven by gears. The speed of the bicycle and the reliability of the transmission can be greatly improved. There is no suspension for riding. The chain troubles, will not touch the leg pants, the structure is simple, safe and comfortable.

Bicycles have come into today’s society and have a history of more than two hundred years. The design of bicycles has also changed from the original wooden and chain to the current chainless bicycle. Every change is to adapt to the society and consumers.

Every change in the concept of bicycle design is a major breakthrough, bringing the bicycle into a new era.