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Frequently asked questions and answers about the purchase of lithium battery electric bicycles

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With the popularization of lithium battery electric bicycles in towns and cities, many consumers choose lithium battery electric bicycles as a short-distance transportation tool. As a result, they will inevitably ask various questions when buying. Let’s take a look at some of the more common questions. Do some discussion.

1. Are lithium battery electric bicycles good?

Now the development of lithium battery technology is relatively mature, so whether it is good or not depends on your specific use needs. If it is used on flat ground, short distances and often, it must be that electric is better than oil-burning, which can save a lot of fuel costs.

2. Is the lithium battery electric bicycle safe?

Since there are occasional accidents of spontaneous combustion and explosion of lithium battery electric vehicles on the Internet, safety is a matter of concern to everyone. The core of this safety issue lies in two, one is the quality and safety of the lithium battery itself, and the other is whether the user uses it in accordance with safety regulations. Nowadays, many lithium batteries used are slowly turning to lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the safety performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries is safer than other lithium batteries. Of course, if this battery is purchased from a regular large lithium battery manufacturer, the quality can be guaranteed. That's fine, after all, there are some bad businesses in every industry. In the use, it is necessary to comply with the use specifications, otherwise it will also be dangerous.

3. How long does it take to charge?

For lithium battery electric bicycles manufactured by regular large manufacturers, the battery system is generally equipped with a battery management system bms, and the charger is also a matching smart charger. Therefore, this general charging lasts for one night without a problem. If it takes how long it will take to fully charge, it mainly depends on whether the battery supports fast charging. Such batteries are generally relatively more expensive. Generally, batteries that support fast charging can be fully charged in about an hour.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the purchase of lithium battery electric bicycles

4. Which brand is better? What are the top ten in the rankings?

Which brand is good cannot be generalized, because the quality of a lithium battery electric bicycle mainly depends on the quality of the lithium battery used and the quality of the motor used. If the two are produced by well-known brand manufacturers, the general quality is good. Is good.

In terms of ranking, I feel that for a person who wants to buy a car, what brand is used and what brand is used for the motor. If it is better, even if the brand is not the top ten brands, the quality is better than It should look good, and the price should be more favorable. After all, brand premium does not necessarily make up for the difference in product quality, performance and price.

5. How to charge is correct and how to charge

For the lithium battery electric bicycles that are in hand, everyone is more concerned about how to charge them in order to better extend their service life. In fact, charging must first do the following two points:

1) Charge in a cool and ventilated place to prevent spontaneous combustion or explosion due to high temperature heat dissipation, avoid being soaked by water vapor, and prevent short circuit accidents;

2) If the charger is an adapted special lithium battery charger;

As for other things such as constant voltage charging, constant current charging, floating charging, trickle charging, etc. mentioned on the Internet, these are actually not relevant, because these are for people who develop batteries. Generally speaking, lithium battery electric bicycles will have a matching battery management system bms and a matching charger. As long as they operate in accordance with the specifications, there is basically no problem.