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Electric bicycles have been included in the compulsory certification. Does your car meet safety standards?

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Helmets have become standard equipment for citizens to ride electric bicycles, but many citizens ignore the safety of electric bicycles. The "E-Bike Safety Technical Specification" (GB17761-2018) was officially implemented on April 15, 2019. The "Regulations on the Administration of Electric Bicycles in Jiangsu Province" was also officially implemented on July 1, 2020, which means that consumers have more detailed references when purchasing electric bicycles and related devices.

Article 9 of the “Regulations on the Administration of Electric Bicycles of Jiangsu Province” stipulates: “The design maximum speed, the quality of the whole vehicle, the overall dimensions, and the fire retardant performance of the electric bicycles and imported electric bicycles produced by industrial design companies for domestic sales shall comply with the compulsory requirements. National standards. The electric bicycle chargers, batteries, motors and other components produced, sold, and repaired and replaced, and the safety helmets produced and sold shall meet the safety requirements of relevant national standards and industry standards."

According to the "Regulations", the Quality Standards Division of the Market Supervision Administration of Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City, together with the Saihongqiao Branch, conducted special inspections on business households engaged in electric vehicle sales within its jurisdiction. Comprehensively investigate the production, sales, maintenance and other business activities of electric bicycles and related products, and improve the electric bicycles in the jurisdiction through special rectification of problems such as lack of compulsory product certification, product quality potential safety hazards, illegal assembly and modification, and infringement of consumer rights and interests. The market order of bicycles and related products.

Electric bicycles have been included in the compulsory certification. Does your car meet safety standards?

During the inspection, law enforcement officials focused on checking whether the electric vehicle has a product qualification certificate, 3C certification, and whether it meets the new national standard. At the same time, law enforcement officials also promoted the relevant standards of the "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specification" (GB17761-2018) to the electric bicycle operators, and issued the "A Letter to the Operators of Electric Bicycles and Related Products in the District".

In addition, in order to standardize the management of electric bicycles sold on e-commerce platforms, the law enforcement officers in this inspection also urged the e-commerce platforms to strengthen the registration of e-commerce operators who sell electric bicycles on the Internet, their contact information, and the brands and brands of electric bicycles sold. Manufacturers and other relevant information are inspected and registered, and sellers are urged to express compulsory product certification certificates through e-commerce platforms and not to sell electric bicycles that do not meet national compulsory standards.

Through this special inspection, the management of compulsory product certification for electric bicycles will be further strengthened, and the production and sales of products without compulsory certification will be seriously investigated. At the same time, we also pay attention to the inquiries, complaints, and reports of electric bicycles and their products from industrial design companies, and promptly issue consumer warning prompts for operators with large complaints and reports, electric bicycle brands, and accessories, to ensure that the general public uses electric bicycles. Safety.