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The future of urban mobility-shared bicycles VS smart electric bicycles

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In the face of congested urban traffic, shared bicycles and smart electric bicycles have been derived one after another, and between the two that are currently on fire, who is the future of urban travel? Today, by the editor of PXID electric bicycle design company Let's compare one and two.

Sharing bicycles is not unfamiliar to everyone. Whether it is first-line, second-line or third-line, this rental-style travel method has quickly covered a large part of the country's cities, and it is also very popular among the public. However, after a period of operation, many problems have arisen, such as frequent vehicle breakdowns, difficulty in dividing the responsibility for safety accidents during use, and fixed rental points and return points that limit the convenience of use. In contrast, motorcycles have no such problems or concerns.

Electric bicycles are mainly driven by electricity. The powerful motors can help the elderly, children, and office workers with poor physical strength to ride more easily without worrying about the fatigue caused by bicycle travel. In addition to being easier, motorcycles are also different from shared rental bicycles. It has more options, just like PXD has both electric scooters and balance bikes developed for different user groups, which means choosing this kind of travel. With equipment, you can choose a model that is more suitable for you according to your own preferences and needs. While applicable, it can also ensure a more comfortable use experience.

The future of urban mobility-shared bicycles VS smart electric bicycles

Personal smart electric vehicles are also considered to be a good partner that can cooperate with public transportation. Take PXID’s products as an example. Whether it’s electric scooters or various types of electric bicycles, their models are very compact, and they can also be folded. After folding, they can be carried on the bus or subway to realize various urban transportation and The seamless connection of private cars, etc., makes travel routes more efficient, changeable and flexible.

Obviously, compared to smart electric vehicle products such as those designed and developed by PXID, shared bicycles are still under great pressure in terms of operation and maintenance, and cannot take into account the user experience and safety. Although smart electric vehicles first need to spend a certain amount of money Buy it, but the price is acceptable to most users, and the convenience and safety of use can be improved. In terms of application, it can not only be suitable for daily travel, but also become a good helper for leisure travel. A small investment can make travel and life more positive and quality, so why not do it?