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I want to buy an electric bicycle, how should I choose?

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How to choose an electric car that suits you? The first thing to know about what is an electric bicycle?

1. Definition

A two-wheeled bicycle that uses on-board battery as an auxiliary energy source, has pedal riding ability, and can realize electric assist or electric drive.

2. Certificate of conformity

The certificate of electric bicycle has information such as the vehicle model and vehicle code, but it is not filed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

I want to buy an electric bicycle, how should I choose?

3. Frame number

The whole vehicle code of an electric bicycle is 15 digits, and it is generally located at the connection between the handlebar and the front wheel, under the seat, etc., depending on the vehicle brand.

4. Do you need a driver's license

Electric bicycles are non-motorized vehicles, so a driver's license is not required.

5. What card to list

Each place has different regulations, you can go to the local vehicle management office to consult.

Electric bicycles are the king of two-wheeled electric bicycles. You can choose the one that suits you according to your needs. PXID electric bicycle design company also designs and develops many electric assisted bicycles. If you like, you can go to the details page of our official website to find out, or you can Leave a comment below us and tell us which car do you like?