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Jiangsu Huai’an is fully promoting special rectification actions for electric bicycles

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In order to enhance the traffic safety awareness of electric bicycle drivers and ensure the safety of citizens during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Jiangsu Huai'an has recently taken strong rectification actions to reduce electric bicycle accidents in response to outstanding problems in the management of electric bicycle traffic safety. The people's lives and property are safe.

One is to protect the right of way for non-motor vehicles. The right of way is allocated on urban roads, and non-motorized vehicle lanes and related facilities are set up according to local conditions; in rural areas where the flow of electric bicycles is large, the national and provincial roads and market towns are required to set up motorized and non-isolated facilities to realize road separation and eliminate motorized vehicles. Not mixed. Transform the zebra crossings with large traffic, prominent red lights for non-motorized vehicles, and central guardrails to physically allow electric bicycles to slow down and cross the road, so as to avoid direct and rapid crossings and cause traffic accidents. Aiming at the problem of large-scale vehicle inner wheels, visual blind spots, and non-motor vehicles and pedestrians, it is easy to cause scratches and crushing accidents. By setting right-turn guide lines, paint-painting danger warning areas, etc., prevent and reduce the occurrence of such accidents.

Jiangsu Huai'an is fully promoting special rectification actions for electric bicycles

The second is to carry out the "Bright Tail Operation." Mobilize and organize village cadres and traffic coordinators, persuaders, grid workers, insurance marketers, civilized traffic volunteers and other forces to go deep into communities, villages, schools, institutions, enterprises and centralized parking spots for electric bicycles and electric tricycles , Free distribution and sticking of reflective logos. Among them, all electric bicycles driven by faculty, parents, and students in all primary and secondary schools in the district will be affixed with reflective signs to achieve full coverage. Relying on road duty points, public security checkpoints, traffic safety persuasion stations, etc., increase inspection efforts and strive to improve the active safety efficiency of vehicles.

The third is to carry out comprehensive tackling and remediation. Combining with the creation of a national civilized city, further adjust the service mode, vigorously promote mobile law enforcement, wrong time law enforcement, and tilt the police force to peak hours, night hours, non-police areas and holidays, and the locations cover all major and minor branches of the city, as well as ordinary countries. Provincial, county and township roads, and rural market town roads, make good use of the "combination of police and convenience, open and ground law enforcement" techniques and tactics to carry out high-pressure treatment of illegal electric bicycle traffic, and comprehensively reduce electric bicycle traffic accidents. At the same time, the implementation of joint law enforcement. Organize public security, market supervision, industry and information departments and other departments to jointly strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production, sales and maintenance of electric bicycles and electric three-four-wheelers, strictly check the responsibilities of each link, and investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law.