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PXID children’s electric scooter: let it be fun

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Childhood, there are happy memories, when I recall, my mind is full of childhood toys. do you remember? When I was young, I saw that others had new toys, and I couldn't ask for it. The times are advancing, people's pursuits are also improving, technology and creativity are integrated into life, and children will always have new pursuits and yearnings in their childhood. And PXID is a brand dedicated to the development of lightweight and safe children's scooters. Never stop on the road of innovative design, aiming to allow children to easily enjoy the fun of sliding.

The children's scooter designed by PXID is tailor-made for children aged 2-14. The chassis adopts a one-piece streamlined and simple design, with a golden ratio, which makes the hierarchy clear, and the simple and round lines outline the natural beauty of the body contour. Every welding is round and has no dead corners, so that the baby can stay away from the danger of bumps and enjoy the fun footsteps safely; there is also an upgraded version of the widened and thickened pedal, which brings a wider space for the child's feet. The surface is also covered with small bumps and non-slip particles, which increases friction and makes it safer to avoid slipping. With such a safe pulley, a thick chassis and an upgraded thicker pedal, the baby can play happily and the mother can rest assured. The car bearing is made of ferrochrome, which is not only quiet and durable, but also smooth. There are also widened tires, which not only use reinforced PU non-slip wear-resistant layer, but also dense load-bearing wheels and steel-reinforced bearings. Whether it is a gravel road, a plastic road or a sandy ground, it can glide smoothly, even if you take children out to play. Kind of pavement.

PXID children's electric scooter: let it be fun

In addition to focusing on product appearance and safety, PXID also has a more intimate design. The design handle of children's scooter adopts anti-slip anti-skid handle made of TRR material, which is very soft, so there is no need to worry about the baby's discomfort in gripping and causing inconvenience to sliding; no pneumatic tires, solid design, no need to worry about the tires being punctured during the sliding process. The grip is very strong, even for beginners; the brakes are upgraded, with stainless steel ball brakes, and external acceleration sliding bearings, so that the sliding is smooth and not stuck, just walk away.

The design of PXID children's scooter has given the scooter a new way of playing through continuous innovation and improvement. New toys for children, experience two ways of playing at once. Just push the ground hard, the scooter seems to have magic power, and it can continuously output power without pressing the accelerator, and continue to slide! The harder you push the ground, the faster the scooter can run, giving children full of freshness and fun. You can enjoy the wonderful sense of speed at ease and effortlessly. Xuanfeng Daren creates a beautiful childlike and parent-child warmth that is exclusive to you and your children. Guard the children's curiosity and free nature, and share the joy of realizing their dreams with them.

PXID has always hoped to convey to everyone the brand attitude of companionship, guardianship and caring through its products, and hopes that all children will thrive under the care of their parents. PXID is not only committed to children's scooters, but also its various electric scooters and electric scooter designs are also widely loved at home and abroad. PXID also pays more attention to the introduction and training of various professional talents. Professional designers, engineers, skilled workers and experienced foreign trade teams provide strong support for the rapid development of the brand. In the future, PXID will continue to expand its industry route and forge ahead.