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Which of the three high, medium and low speeds of electric bicycles has the least damage?

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Electric bicycles use medium and low climbing grades to save electricity, but climbing is relatively stable and safe, and medium speed is the best. Electric bicycles do not have a large torque transmission. They need to rush up at a high speed. High-speed climbing can also be used. You cannot pull the throttle to the end and transport it to the end at high speed.

As a result, there will be a problem. If the vehicle speed is too fast, the climbing will consume more electricity, and the load will increase, causing the heat of the motor and the controller to increase, and even if the controller current is too large and the heat is too large, the controller will automatically When the protection stops running, it will stop running when climbing half a slope, which will cause the danger of backlash or fall. Everyone should pay attention to this.

It will also cause great damage to the battery motor controller. If used in this way for a long time, these large pieces will cause certain damage and reduce the service life.

Two-wheeled electric bicycles and cars have different climbing dynamics

The role of the climbing structure of the car: The car is driven by a diesel gasoline engine according to the mechanical principle of the clutch and transmission to increase the torque. The lower the uphill gear, the greater the torque, the climbing will be more dynamic, and the car can go up smoothly. The driving performance is stable, and generally no safety hazards are caused.

Experienced veteran drivers generally use first and second gears when climbing hills. The speed is relatively stable. Increase the throttle and you can go uphill steadily. Electric tricycles and fuel tricycles are basically driven in the same way. They are driven by low gears to increase driving power.

Which of the three high, medium and low speeds of electric bicycles has the least damage?

Two-wheeled electric bicycle structure driving function: The bicycle design transfers the signal from the rotation speed to the controller, and increases the current input to make the motor produce a magnetic drive. The faster the speed and the higher the speed, the more powerful the power generated.

Electric two-wheeled vehicles need high-speed power to rush up when going uphill. Many people have used high-speed rushing. In this way, the operation speed is fast and the momentum is faster to go uphill. But there is a problem? There must be a certain safety hazard. The fast speed of electric bicycles often produces vibration and sway when going uphill. The driver must operate steadily. If it is unstable, it may fall or fall back.

Especially when the vehicle runs at high speed and the load on the uphill increases, the current exchange between the controller and the motor will increase, and heat will be generated. The controller will automatically protect and stop under a certain ultra-high voltage, or the power will be insufficient to reach the half-slope and the vehicle will be exhausted. If you don’t drive, you may fall back and fall, resulting in insecurity.

Correctly master the operation method to reduce damage

Riding an electric bicycle uphill and riding a bicycle can rush up with a single step. On the contrary, it will be boring to go up to half a slope at a low speed, and it is impossible to go up. The principle of an electric bicycle is basically the same. The speed is added up slowly, and the speed is stabilized just after starting at medium or high speed, so that the stability of the uphill will be good, the car will be strong, and it will be able to rush up in one go. If you can't pull the speed to the end and directly rush up at the highest speed, the stability will be poor.

The best uphill stability is the medium speed. The bicycle is designed to go uphill at an average speed and can go up steadily. The operation is unstable and consumes electricity. I don't recommend more use.

Even speed operation, the current of the motor controller will not suddenly increase to the highest, the heat generation is also stable, and will not cause damage to the two major components. On the contrary, the operation always uses high-speed ramping, which will consume electricity, the controller is prone to failure, and the motor and controller are also prone to damage, shortening the service life.