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Electric bicycle header is very durable, why is it faster after?

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The popularity of electric bicycles, let the group of people have increased, many people like to ride electric bicycles for short distances, and many users have time long, they will slowly discover the first electricity of electric bicycles very useful. As the first power is exhausted, the speed of the rear power consumption is very fast, which is completely larger than the speed of the first grid. This kind of thing makes many people, why is the first electricity can ride two or 30 kilometers, while the back is only 120 kilometers. The first grid is very durable, why is there soon after it? Today, I know the main three reasons.

1, instrument design problem

At present, the market's instrument is designed according to the specific voltage. This design causes the dial to not react how much power, because the battery is part of the loss, if the owner uses a percentage Thirty, but in fact, the power has been consumed by 50%. Therefore, there is a problem with most of the electric bicycle power dashboard. The electric bicycle is now displayed by a percentage of electricity, more accurate.

Electric bicycle header is very durable, why is it faster after?

2, battery usage time

In addition to the first dashboard design problem is the hardware aging problem, the battery usage time is also determined, and there will be different degrees of aging. Therefore, the electric bicycle is fully charged, and the amount of electricity displayed by the dial display, the aging battery is not used in the first power, and the amount of power remaining is not much, so the speed of the battery is faster, giving one Not durable performance.

3, the power supply disk display virtual power

If the electric bicycle's power meter displays a problem, such as full-charged display 4 grid, only one power is real. Then the first grid is exhausted soon, the remaining power will be exhausted, which requires an internal line, fault and other issues to be solved.

Finally, through the appeal 3 cases, you should know why the first electricity is very useful, and the back is quickly dropped. For the user, if you encounter these cases, you can check the route of the electric bicycle, there is no malfunction, if the battery is aging, you can choose to replace a new battery, which will largely increase the amount of power . In addition to the above methods, you must develop good charging habits and maintenance habits in daily life, do not use fast charge.