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How to use electric bicycles safely?

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Recently, fires have occurred frequently, and fires in residential areas and residential buildings have gradually increased. The main analysis is that 30% of the fires are caused by electric bicycles. Electric bicycles bring a lot of convenience to our daily lives, so how to use electric bicycles correctly? ?

First, buy through formal channels. Don't be greedy for small bargains and buy three-no products. Secondly, keep the purchase invoice so that it can be used as a voucher if there is a problem in the future.

Next, during the charging process, you should park away from combustible materials to avoid fire. During the charging process, the charging time should not exceed 10 hours, and you should not charge for a long time. Unplug it in time after fully charged.

If you need to travel or do not use the electric bicycle for a long time, you need to disassemble the battery and separate the battery from the body to prevent short circuit of the battery line and cause a fire when it is not in use. Because electric bicycles are all plastic cases, once a fire occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.

How to use electric bicycles safely?

Some communities do not have charging devices. Many people will drag a long power cord from upstairs to the downstairs to charge. This is also a very dangerous behavior. After long-term charging and softening of the power cord, it is very prone to leakage.

If possible, if you have an independent garage in your home, you can put it in your own garage for charging, but it is recommended to install an automatic power-off device. In the event of a fire, you can directly trip the power to minimize the risk.

Charging should be avoided as far as possible in crowded places. Some users charge directly at home. This is also very dangerous. Nowadays, new energy vehicles and electric bicycle accidents happen frequently and need to be paid attention to.

Finally, I hope everyone can use the electric bicycle correctly. If you find a problem, you should go to the after-sales maintenance point for repair in time. Remember not to pull the power cord from upstairs to charge. The charging device also needs to be safe to use.