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What is the real longer battery life of electric bicycles?

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As we all know, for electric bicycle users, the lack of battery life causes the car to not run far is the biggest pain point. Therefore, Tailing took the lead in proposing the strategic positioning of "Electric Vehicles that Run Farther", and it has been deeply recognized by consumers around the world by virtue of its vigorous promotion. However, the huge commercial value and mental effect have attracted many heroes to say "Run far." Various technical concepts that can achieve longer battery life emerge in an endless stream. There are many chaos in the industry, and consumers are also difficult to distinguish between true and false!

So, how can electric bicycles have a longer battery life?

What is the real longer battery life of electric bicycles?

The answer is simple, the reason is simple and popular, that is, only energy-saving electric bicycles can run farther.

This means that electric bicycle companies must not only master the core energy-saving technology, but also their products must meet the national energy-saving standards, so that they can truly have a longer battery life. Intuitively speaking, to distinguish the authenticity and the longer battery life is to see whether the car is more energy-saving and power-saving under the same battery capacity.