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PXID: Back to the classics, the history of the development of electric bicycles

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Straight from the end of the 18th century, the French Sivrac invented the earliest bicycle; it was one of the "three big things" for Chinese marriages in the 1960s, and it was gradually retired from the trend of the 90s, and it has undergone the transformation of the times. , With the addition of electric power assist on the basis of the bicycle pedal, so as to return to people's field of vision.

Regarding the development history of electric bicycles in China, described in "Business", from the perspective of the market performance of the development of the electric bicycle industry, the development of the electric bicycle industry is divided into five stages-the start-up period (1999-2001) Accumulation lays the foundation for the industrialization of electric bicycles; in the budding period (2002-2005), the competition situation, blind investment promotion, breeding hidden dangers of homogeneity; growth period (2006-2008) resource advantages, scale growth, subject to policies, industry standards, The impact of the price increase of raw materials; the development period (2009-2012) innovates core competitiveness and strengthens product specialization; the differentiation period (2012-future) is an era of integration where all companies rely on comprehensive strength, and a hundred flowers bloom and continue to develop. Due to different characteristics of the times and industry environment, each stage has shown a different development trend.

PXID: Back to the classics, the history of the development of electric bicycles

Since its development, it has a simple and simple structure with stylish and comfortable appearance design; when riding, facing uphill or rugged roads, riding in a stable posture, fully experiencing the fun of riding. Faced with this fast-paced era, we will continue to follow the user's feelings from performance to appearance, reshape classics, continue to break through, and create new fashion trends.

The smart technology is given to bicycles, facing the acceptance of innovation; not only contains the progress of the times, but also reflects people's pursuit of life; safe travel and enjoyment of riding; and PXID is also continuing to become professional and refined. The direction of systemization and integration continues to develop.