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This part directly determines the riding comfort, quickly see if your car is “up to standard”

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Shock absorption-is an important aspect that affects the riding comfort of electric bicycles. It is usually divided into hydraulic shock absorption and spring shock absorption. At present, the former is mostly used on electric bicycles. So, why should electric bicycles use hydraulic shock absorption? What's good?

When we pass on uneven roads, the vehicle vibrates up and down. The resistance force of the spring when pressed down by ordinary spring damping makes the downward speed of the vehicle slower, thereby reducing the bumpy feeling. But because there is no corresponding damping when it bounces back, the spring will bounce very quickly, and the vehicle will therefore be more bumpy.

For hydraulic shock absorption, a hydraulic system is added on the basis of spring shock absorption. The speed of hydraulic oil flowing through the small holes in the shock absorber is used to control the spring rebound speed, thereby controlling the vibration frequency of the vehicle and improving riding. Comfort.

This part directly determines the riding comfort, quickly see if your car is 'up to standard'

Compared with the ordinary "one tube + one spring" spring damping, because the hydraulic damping tube needs to be ground, it also involves hydraulic oil and oil seals, so the cost will be higher. In order to improve the comfort level of riders, the front wheels of most electric bicycles currently use hydraulic shock absorption.

However, due to cost issues and hydraulic damping has certain requirements for the length of the brake, and the rear wheel damping is not as important as the front wheel, the rear wheels of some electric bicycles will use simple mechanical damping, such as spring damping instead.

In order to maximize the riding comfort of the vehicle, as long as the conditions are met, the electric bicycle will use a hydraulic shock absorption system. In fact, a good shock absorption system not only allows us to ride comfortably, but also greatly improves the impact resistance of the vehicle's mechanical structure and prolongs the life of the mechanical system.