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The motorcycle market is shrinking, why is the number of motorcycle companies increasing every year?

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As the number of banned motorcycle cities in China continues to increase, motorcycle companies have shifted from domestic sales to overseas sales. However, under the influence of the foreign macro environment, the sales of Moroccan companies in foreign markets have also been declining year by year. What is strange is that according to the 334 "Announcement on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there have been as many as 21 newly established motorcycle companies.

According to the company’s data, there are currently 1.082 million motorcycle-related companies in my country. In 2019, there are 157,000 new ones, a year-on-year increase of 28.7%. That is very strange. Why is the current motorcycle market environment not good? Why are motorcycle companies? Is it added every year?

After the new national standard, many electric companies have transformed into motorcycle companies

After the new national standard, two-wheeled electric vehicles have been clearly divided into three categories: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric light motorcycles. The production of electric motorcycles and electric light motorcycles requires motorcycle production qualifications. In order to obtain qualifications, many companies obtain motorcycle production qualifications through new applications, mergers and acquisitions, and affiliates.

Electric motorcycle trade-in wave

The number of household electric vehicles in my country is more than 200 million, and more than 90% of the electric vehicles are electric bicycles that exceed the standard. And this part of the big market will be replaced by compliant electric motorcycles. Many companies have seen business opportunities and set up new motorcycle companies one after another, hoping to get a share of the electric motorcycle market.

The motorcycle market is shrinking, why is the number of motorcycle companies increasing every year?

Traditional gasoline motorcycles are shrinking, electric motorcycles are rising

According to the data of the Motorcycle Branch of the Automobile Industry Association, in the production and sales of motorcycles from January to May in 2020, Luyuan and Xinri successfully entered the top 10, with 220,000 and 21,300 respectively, and electric vehicle companies are catching up. This shows that electric motorcycles have become the daily needs of ordinary people, and traditional oil motorcycles may be replaced by more economical electric motorcycles due to the cost of purchase and use.

The rise of the electric motorcycle parts market

In the past, the production of parts and complete vehicles was licensed. Now they are all 3C certified. Many supporting manufacturers also need to obtain motorcycle-related parts production licenses. Therefore, when registering a business license, register the contents of motorcycles and related accessories in it.

The rise of two-round travel-related Internet brands

With the introduction of the new national standard, Internet brands have also stepped up their efforts to deploy the electric motorcycle market. Many Internet brands related to two-wheel travel also include motorcycles and peripheral services in the category of registered commodity production services.

With the introduction of the new national standard for electric motorcycles, my country will have nearly 100 million units of electric motorcycle replacement demand, and the market size is close to one trillion yuan. For enterprises, this is simply a big piece of fat! You say, can't you not attract people's attention?