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Assuming that there are no electric bicycles in the city, where will the people’s travel demand go?

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As a travel tool with Chinese characteristics, electric bicycles have brought great convenience to the daily travel of urban and rural residents in our country, and made a lot of convenience in life. In cities, it is also a livelihood tool for courier brothers and takeaways, and it is very important to many people's lives. However, the frequent occurrence of related traffic accidents in recent years has caused the current management to become more and more stringent. Many cities have introduced various management methods for electric bicycles on the road. Owners can't help but sigh. Up. Then we might as well imagine boldly, if electric bicycles are banned in cities, how can everyone's travel needs be solved?

Assuming that electric bicycles are completely banned in the city, then we are left with optional transportation, as well as buses, subways, bicycles, and cars for everyone to choose from. Let's analyze it!

Choose bus, subway and other transportation: Many people's first reaction is to choose bus or subway. Although it is not very convenient, public transportation such as bus and subway is very cheap and can save travel costs. Some people live slightly away from the bus station or subway station. As long as they go out early, the bus and subway can meet their daily travel needs.

Choose bicycles and walks: Some people usually go to the vegetable market to buy food, or go to the supermarket and other short-distance travel, they can choose to walk or bicycle. Although riding a bicycle will be a little tired now, it is also a good way to exercise , And low-carbon, environmentally friendly, no emissions. You can also choose bicycles for short-distance daily commuting. Just point out in advance to avoid being late.

Assuming that there are no electric bicycles in the city, where will the people's travel demand go?

Choose a car or a private car: People with a little financial strength can choose to buy a car or a new energy car to travel. Now there are many types of cars to choose from, and there are many styles for everyone to choose from, which is very convenient to buy , There are also good choices for new energy vehicles that have emerged in recent years. Many places are vigorously promoting them, and there are also many preferential subsidies.

Emerging scooter travel: As an emerging means of transportation, scooter travel has attracted much attention. It is not only stylish and cool, but also excellent in performance. It is definitely the highlight of travel. If it is me, the scooter is definitely me The first choice for travel!

It seems that there are no electric bicycles in the city, and everyone's lives are not affected. But in fact, it is not the case. my country's daily travel demand is nearly 3 billion times, and about one-third of the travel demand depends on two-wheel electric bicycles. If such a huge travel demand is all transferred to the existing means of transportation, the current urban transportation system cannot bear it. You can imagine the bus and subway that you rush to work in the morning and wait for half an hour to get there; the explosion of cars and new energy vehicles has caused more and more congestion on the road, stopping in the middle of the dilemma; usually going to work, riding a bicycle and Sweating hard and hot.

If there are no electric bicycles in cities, it will be inconvenient for many people whether it is taking public transportation, buying a car or walking. A kind of transportation that is liked by most people naturally has its reason, not to mention the travel demand of nearly 300 million vehicles and nearly 1 billion people, no matter which mode of travel is passed on, it is a very heavy burden. When the relevant departments manage electric bicycles, they should also start from the basic needs of everyone, and that is the real thing for the people!