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The EU electric bike market will continue to grow in 2021

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Leva-EU, the European Light Electric Vehicle Association, predicts that the number of electric-assisted bicycles sold in Germany will increase to 1.5 million by 2020, and the overall EU market will continue to grow.

Electric bicycles participate in the Dortmund Electric Bike Festival

Because the total sales of electric-assisted bicycles in other EU countries are not yet known, the total sales in the EU cannot be finalized, but the total sales of electric-assisted bicycles are likely to exceed 3 million. The largest share of these bicycles was sold in Germany, where more than 1 million electric bicycles were sold for the first time. This year is likely to exceed the 1.5 million mark.

In Germany, sales of electric mountain bikes increased by nearly 47% to nearly 360,000 units; in Switzerland, sales increased by more than 24% to 50,000 units. The results in other EU countries (such as Austria or France) are not yet known.

The EU electric bike market will continue to grow in 2021

As previously reported, the Belgian electric bicycle market is growing steadily. This is due to the fact that Belgium has changed its traffic rules to take into account the fact that electric-assisted bicycles. As a result, the traffic rules for speed scooters are quite clear. In addition, commuters on electric-assisted bicycles can receive a tax-free compensation of up to € 0.24 per kilometer. Last year, as part of a field study, 106 test drivers commuted to work on S-Pedelec for three consecutive weeks. They cover an average of 21.6 kilometers per day. This may result in a tax-free surcharge of more than 1,300 euros per year.

A total of 13,154 electric-assisted bicycles were sold in Belgium, an increase of 54.4% over 2018. The second and third markets, Germany and the Netherlands, are much smaller and more volatile. In 2019, sales of European mopeds, including electric bicycles, jumped from nearly 50% to nearly 60,000 units for the third time in a row. By 2019, sales of fast-moving cars in the EU are estimated to be approximately 25,000. This accounts for almost half of all electric moped sales. After all, sales of electric motorcycles more than doubled in 2019 to 14,111 units. However, it is still a niche market, accounting for only 1.3% of total motorcycle registrations.