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How to use the gps locator to intelligently control the anti-theft upgrade for electric bicycle travel?

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In recent years, as the concept of urban smart travel has become popular, the two-wheeled electric vehicle market has continued to develop. Yadi, Xinri, and Mavericks have been listed one after another, and some bicycle companies have also begun to enter the field. According to the investigation and research conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, China has become the world’s largest producer and seller of electric bicycles. With the entry of electric bicycles into thousands of households, criminals have an opportunity to take advantage of, and it also brings opportunities for public security agencies to maintain traffic order. Greatly troubled. In the annual property loss cases in various regions, the proportion of stolen is as high as 30%. Not only that, but the violations of vehicle owners also bring great hidden dangers to road safety.

The current electric bicycles on the market are generally low in intelligence and poor anti-theft performance, and most of them need to be turned on manually. Using the Internet of Things technology can connect users, vehicles, enterprises, and public security. The status and location of the vehicle collected by the GPS locator Data can be sent to the server via GSM/NB-IoT/Cat.1, and then transferred to users, enterprises, public security PCs and mobile phones, so as to realize real-time supervision. Users can remotely control the opening and closing of the car lock through the mobile phone, and view the alarm information , Companies can view vehicle status data to provide a scientific basis for product iterative upgrades, and the Department of Traffic Police can greatly improve the intelligence of electric bicycles.

Real-time positioning, intelligent anti-theft

With frequent thefts and continuous car loss, the e-bike GPS locator can track and locate the vehicle in real time with GPS positioning technology, making stolen vehicles nowhere to hide, greatly improving the efficiency of vehicle owners and police chasing vehicles.

How to use the gps locator to intelligently control the anti-theft upgrade for electric bicycle travel?

Say goodbye to the key, travel wisely

After the owner's mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on, the device will automatically sense the distance of the vehicle, and the owner will automatically unlock when approaching the vehicle, and automatically lock when away from the vehicle. The bucket can be unlocked through Bluetooth/APP/remote control to enjoy the convenient stop-and-go travel experience.

Electronic fence, intelligent control

Many places across the country have begun to implement the filing of electric bicycles, and strictly divide the prohibited time and road sections. The traffic police department can set the prohibited area through the platform, and the equipment will automatically upload warning information to the platform during the prohibited time or access prohibited sections. The traffic police department Violation license plates can be checked according to the warning information, and vehicle owners can be punished for violations to strengthen road safety management.

Temperature detection, double the safety

In addition to anti-theft, fire accidents of electric bicycles also occur frequently. In order to prevent car owners from neglecting charging or failing to find that the battery temperature is too high in time, the GPS tracker and battery management GPS can provide detection of the external environment temperature and battery charging status, when the temperature exceeds the preset value , The device will immediately send alarm information to the platform and mobile APP to remind the owner to pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and take reasonable measures in time.