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7 essential elements for an electric scooter rider

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As electric scooters are legally approved in the UK, this is a must-have accessory for you. Electric scooters are now legally used on British roads, and it’s time to start buying these essential accessories.

Safety is our top priority, we have collected seven points to help protect you and make other vehicles visible, and keep the electric scooter clean and safe.

1. Helmet

Safety first. Although there are no regulations on wearing a helmet when riding an electric scooter in the UK (the same as riding a bicycle), we strongly recommend that you wear one. There are various shapes, styles and prices to choose from. Some provide more protection, some are very light, while others fold or fold up to make carrying them in your bag a breeze.

2. Car lights

Good lighting equipment is another key accessory of electric scooters. Not only can they help you understand the route of travel, they can also spot and avoid any large potholes or smooth drain covers, and they can also help other road users see you.

Ideally, you need a combination of white or yellow forward lights and red backward lights for maximum visibility. Rented scooters often already have lights, or at least have reflective strips, but there is no harm in tying your own device to the front and back.

3. More lights

If you don't have enough lights, so this is another option. In addition to attaching to the scooter, you can also use lights to attach to your bag or clothes. In this way, you can rent a rented electric scooter without worrying about whether your lights are bright enough; just bring your own clothes and tie them, or wear them to increase the view and lighting.

7 essential elements for an electric scooter rider

4. Mirror

Finally, in terms of lighting, you will need a set of wearable reflectors. Although the lights mentioned above can help you see the road ahead, reflectors are essential to help other road users see you, especially at night or in heavy fog. Most electric scooters already have their own reflector, but there is no harm in doubling it and adding more items to your bag or clothes.

5. Car lock

To provide peace of mind when you leave the scooter outside and unattended, you will need to lock it. But be careful which lock you choose. You will want a sturdy and non-breakable design that can also be used with the L-shaped frame of the scooter. In other words, it needs to close more tightly than a traditional bicycle lock.

6. Strap

The folding design of the electric scooter has been convenient to carry. But some larger models can be heavy, so you may need to buy a shoulder strap. In this way, the scooter is easy to carry and you don't have to hold the scooter with your hands often.

7. Cleaner

Especially after the summer, when the weather turns cooler, you will want to keep enjoying yourself. A lot of road dirt accumulates under the wheels, brakes and pedals of a scooter, so you need a powerful cleaner to keep it in good condition and prevent any corrosion.