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When buying an electric bicycle, please keep in mind the 4 suggestions

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How can electric bicycles be used safely after the introduction of the new national standard? How does the "plastic limit order" have effects in life? … The Market Supervision Bureau launched a public voice hotline to respond on-site on hot topics of public concern.

"Guangdong is a big province in the production and consumption of electric bicycles, and one of the three main production areas of electric bicycles in the country. Of the 300 million electric bicycles in the country, more than 50 million are produced in Guangdong." Lan Lan, Executive Chairman of the Guangdong Electric Vehicle Chamber of Commerce The world has introduced that compared with the old national standard, the new national standard has comprehensively improved the safety performance of electric bicycles, which is mainly reflected in the strengthening of the pedal riding function, the increase in speed, quality, and power, as well as electrical safety, fire protection, and Safety performances such as flame retardancy and radio disturbance characteristics are clearly regulated.

When buying an electric bicycle, please keep in mind the 4 suggestions

For consumers, how to buy electric bicycles that meet the requirements of the "New National Standard"? Chen Yehuai, Director of the Quality Supervision Division of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, put forward four suggestions:

The first is to check whether there is a CCC mark on the body; the second is to check the CCC certificate of the vehicle; the third is to check whether the information on the purchased vehicle is consistent with the information on the certificate; the fourth is to check whether the configuration of the vehicle meets the requirements.