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In the autumn, the electric bicycle is maintained like this, and you can ride for two more years!

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Summer retreats, autumn is coming, without the sun's exposure, the frequency of use of electric bicycles is gradually increasing. With the coolness of the autumn rain and the cold, the maintenance of electric bicycles cannot be ignored.

Since the charger will generate a certain amount of heat during the charging process, it is recommended to charge it in an open and ventilated place. It is strictly forbidden to cover the charger with foreign objects during charging, otherwise it will easily damage the charger and the battery and cause dangerous situations!

When the electric bicycle is parked, do not expose it to the sun or rain for a long time to avoid damaging the electronic control components and causing operation failure. When riding on rainy days, try to avoid getting wet from switches and electrical connection plug-ins to prevent leakage, short circuits, etc.!

In the autumn, the electric bicycle is maintained like this, and you can ride for two more years!

When driving on a water-filled road in rainy days, the depth of the water cannot exceed the lower edge of the electric bicycle hub to avoid motor failure due to water seepage in the motor.

Regularly inspect, wipe and lubricate the front axle, middle axle, flywheel, chain and other transmission parts of the electric bicycle to prevent normal use due to corrosion.

It is strictly prohibited to use and store at a loss of electricity. It turns cooler in autumn. Under low temperature conditions, problems such as poor charging acceptance and insufficient charging will cause battery power loss. Therefore, every time you use an electric bicycle, you should fully charge the battery in time when the power consumption is large.

The life of electric bicycles can be extended by 2-3 years if they are well maintained.