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After the new national standard, what should be paid attention to when choosing an electric bicycle brand?

pxid 2021-07-17 44 times

It has been more than a year since the implementation of the new national standard. The formulation of the new policy has brought tremendous changes to the electric vehicle industry. As consumers, choosing electric vehicles that meet the new national standard has become the best solution. So after the new national standard, what should you pay attention to when choosing an electric bicycle brand?

1. Look at the production qualification

The 3C certification and electric motorcycle qualification have become the "birth certificate" in the era of the new national standard. Choosing a qualified electric vehicle brand can give consumers peace of mind when buying and riding.

2. Look at product quality

After the new national standard, what should be paid attention to when choosing an electric bicycle brand?

No matter which industry, the product is king now! Without good products and good quality, it is impossible to be recognized by consumers, and it is also not worthy of consumer choice. PXID has always paid attention to the development of scientific research technology, has a number of national patents, and has developed many "black technologies" for electric bicycles. The development of these technologies makes PXID electric bicycles more cost-effective, stronger in endurance, and more recognized by consumers.

3. Look at the after-sales service

Providing consumers with "safety protection + theft protection" dual insurance, and insurance for car purchase is also a major feature of the after-sales service. Safety insurance refers to accidental injuries caused by traffic accidents during riding during the insurance period, and the maximum amount of compensation for traffic safety insurance is RMB 53,000. Theft insurance, that is, "the vehicle theft insurance." The insurance object is the car with its own labor-saving anti-theft lock to participate. The compensation for the theft of the whole vehicle is different according to the date of the theft, and the compensation can only be used to purchase electric bicycles. In addition, it also provides a 24-hour road rescue service, responds in 3 minutes, arrives within 30 minutes, and wins customer satisfaction 24 hours a day.

Under the policy of the new national standard, PXID electric bicycle design company actively responds and provides consumers with a better way of life and travel with high-quality products and services, becoming the best choice for consumers in the era of the new national standard!