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Why does the battery run out if the electric bicycle is not used for a long time?

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Many people have always wondered about this question. Why does a car with a fully charged battery run out when it is idle? Today I will solve this "puzzle" for everyone.

Affected by the characteristics of the battery itself

The battery itself will produce self-discharge, of course, this factor has very little influence. For example, for a 12V series battery, the voltage at rest after being fully charged is generally not less than 13.20V. If the battery is not installed in the car, it will only be stored at rest. Even if stored for 2 months, its quiescent voltage will not be lower than 12.90. V's (conservative value).

Electric bicycle leakage

Regardless of whether the electric bicycle is new or old, no matter how good the insulation effect is, the electric bicycle cannot achieve 100% insulation. Therefore, even if the power lock is turned off, a small current will flow through the electric bicycle. Use a high-precision ammeter to test in series. Vehicles will have at least 0.01A current.
This shows that electric bicycles are discharged at all times when they are not riding, and the discharge varies with the environment and temperature.

In addition, today's electric bicycles are becoming more and more intelligent, and devices such as anti-theft and positioning devices consume electricity all the time. Assuming that a 12Ah battery has a storage period of 15 days, it is 0.015A×24 hours×15 days=5.4Ah, which means that the electric bicycle has lost at least 5.4Ah of capacity within 15 days, which is really not to be underestimated.

Why does the battery run out if the electric bicycle is not used for a long time?

Improper use and storage of electric vehicles

Electric bicycles are daily necessities, and many people do not replenish the electric bicycle batteries in time after riding.

Once it is not used for a long time (continuously more than 1 month), it is more likely to damage the battery.

Some people with poor memory, forget to unplug the key from the electric bicycle, it is more likely to cause the electric bicycle to lose power.

For example, if we use an electric bicycle with 50% of the electricity and park it for 1 month, then 0.015A × 24 hours × 31 days = 11.16Ah, isn't it amazing?

Generally, the unlocking current of a better quality brand electric bicycle is about 0.1A. If the power of the electric bicycle is always turned on and the key is not removed, you can imagine how much electricity will leak in a month (0.1A×24 hours×31 days = 74.4Ah), too scary!

More importantly, the "over-discharged" battery is not within the scope of the after-sales three packs, and the repairable rate is low.

The air switch is not off

One place that is easily overlooked by everyone is the "air switch" of electric bicycles, which mainly protects against short circuits and serious overloads that occur in the electric bicycle circuit. It can cut off the power in time to avoid more serious consequences, such as fires and batteries. Damage etc.

When the electric bicycle is not used for a long time, it is recommended that you turn off the air switch. At this time, the entire electric bicycle is in a non-electric state, and the positioning and other devices are not working, so that the battery can maintain a relatively good state.

Now I finally understand why electric cars will lose power if they are not used for a long time!