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Why is PXID loved by overseas consumers?

pxid 2021-07-16 75 times

Some time ago, the overseas epidemic eased, and many countries began to gradually "lift the ban". International friends estimated that just like we did before, they were suffocating all their hearts and wanting to shout: "I'm finally out!"

Ever since, safe and convenient electric scooters set off a travel frenzy.

Why are electric scooters so popular among overseas users?

As a hot-selling tool vehicle overseas, the PXID electric scooter meets multiple usage scenarios such as home, commercial, and distribution, and it can be said to be a versatile ride! Low center of gravity, easy to operate, more convenient, and stronger. Wow~ so many advantages are really hard to not love!

Why is PXID loved by overseas consumers?

Comfortable + lean man-machine design, make riding comfort UP! There is also a handlebar that can be adjusted according to the user's body shape, which improves handling and comfort in an all-round way. Regardless of tall, short, fat or thin, the electric scooter can be adjusted at will.

Battery life + Another feature of some overseas countries is the low population density. Although there is a bit of envy, they can get a lot of trouble to travel! A visit may be a trip around, and the PXID electric scooter has a battery life of up to 60km, which can not be said to be "just" to meet the needs of users, it can be tailored!

Strong capacity + power, excellent strength, hey~ Climb the long slope in one breath, effortless! It can be called a great artifact for manning people and objects.

Comprehensive + not to mention hydraulic shock absorption, super large display, LED car lights, intelligent system, etc., humanized and convenient design. Each item has been warmly welcomed by everyone, coupled with the stylish and exquisite appearance of this car. In an instant, it became the popular Internet celebrity in the hearts of overseas consumers.