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What are the advantages of electric scooters over traditional skateboards?

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Electric scooters are another new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. Electric scooters are very energy-saving, fast charging and long range capability. The vehicle is beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, and safer to drive. It is definitely a very suitable choice for friends who like the convenience of life, adding a little more fun to life.

1. From the previous single rear shock absorber to double rear shock absorber, it makes riding more comfortable and assured.

2. The distance between the car seat and the handlebar is increased, even if the height of 1 meter is 9 meters, the legs will never feel crowded.

3. The motor is equipped with a heat sink, which is more beautiful than before, and at the same time improves the stability and service life of the motor.

What are the advantages of electric scooters over traditional skateboards?

4. Most high-quality electric scooters are folded by lithium batteries. They are 1.2M high, 14cm wide, and 1M long, 25cm*14cm*1m, with a range of 30 kilometers and a weight of 29 kg. They can easily wait on buses, subways, and EMUs.

5. The battery can be easily disassembled, which is more convenient because of the cumbersomeness of the car to go upstairs.

At least 100 years ago, the original scooters were hand-made in industrialized cities. A common hand-made scooter is to install roller skate wheels under a board, and then attach the handles, rely on tilting the body or a simple pivot connected by a second board to control the direction, made of wood, There are 3-4 inches (75-100 mm) wheels and steel ball bearings. Another "advantage" of this structure is that it is very noisy, like a "real" car. Another structure is to divide a metal skate into two parts, the front and the back, which are connected by wooden beams in the middle.

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