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Common questions about the use of electric balance scooter

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Many consumers buy balance bikes because they find it novel and curiosity to buy, so they don’t know much about the use and daily maintenance of balance bikes, so today I will give you a good introduction to the balance bikes encountered in daily use Problems, and simple solutions.

1. How to turn on?

The power button of the balance bike is generally on the side of the pedal. When you need to power it on, you only need to press the power button once, and you can ride normally after hearing the bike report a paragraph of English.

2. How to connect to Bluetooth?

First, turn on the balance car, it will broadcast a paragraph of English (Bluetooth is ready, you can connect), and then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth to search, you can find a string of English (the code of the balance car) Bluetooth devices, connect directly, after the connection is successful You can use the Bluetooth speaker if you can broadcast English (connected successfully).

3. Why do children shake when stepping on the balance bike?

Because the balance bike is equipped with an automatic weight sensor, it will shake when the rider's weight is less than 20KG, and the riding speed will be restricted according to the weight to ensure the safety of the rider, so when a child stands up, it will shake.

Common questions about the use of electric balance scooter

4. What is the reason why the balance car's indicator light turns red?

There are two indicator lights in the middle of the balance car pedal, one is the status indicator, and the other is the battery indicator. When the battery light flashes green, it means the car is almost out of power and needs to be charged; when the battery light is red, it means the car is dead. And it must be charged. If you continue to use the car at this time, it will be very dangerous if the power is suddenly cut off; when the status indicator is on, the car cannot be used, and the system may be disordered and the system needs to be restored. Steps for restoring the system: First, turn off the balance bike and place it on a stable place, align the left and right pedals, and press and hold the power button. When the body light flashes for 6 times, turn off the balance bike, and then restart the balance bike to balance The car system returns to normal.

5. The balance scooter can still be used normally at first, but after two months of inactivity, it cannot be used normally after being fully charged. Why?

Because the balance car is a lithium battery, the correct use of the lithium battery must be charged once a month. The balance car may not be used for two months, resulting in excessive loss of the battery and therefore unusable, which requires the battery to be replaced.

6. How to charge the balance car?

The balance car is equipped with the original charger. When you need to charge, turn off the balance car and insert the charger into the groove of the charging port of the balance car. After connecting to the power supply, the charger displays a red light, indicating that it is charging. , When the charger’s light turns green, it means that the battery is fully charged and the charger can be removed safely.