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What should I pay attention to when riding an electric scooter in summer?

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Recently, it has been in the dog days. The high temperature of 37-8 degrees is not only unbearable, but also electric scooters. In the case of high temperature in summer, if it is used and maintained improperly, it is easy to malfunction, which will affect your normal commuting. So, what are the problems with electric scooters in summer?

1. Do not leave when power is on

The wiring harness interfaces of electric scooters are all rubber strips and plastics, which are easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction. In summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. The internal plastic parts are heated and expanded at noon, but at night they shrink and deform and are easy to fall off. Poor contact will occur, which is manifested as the situation of not leaving the electricity and having a meal.
Suggestion: Park in the basement or in the shade.

2. A puncture

A puncture is also the most common fault in summer, mainly because the temperature is high in summer and the pressure of the tire itself is high. If you also choose to travel during high temperature periods, the friction between the tires and the hot ground will further expand, and the risk of tire blowouts will greatly increase if you encounter sharp objects.

Suggestion: Don't hit the tires too much, just within 1.9 Pa. Try to travel sooner or later.

What should I pay attention to when riding an electric scooter in summer?

3. Fire

Summer is the season of spontaneous combustion of electric scooters. Nowadays, many lithium batteries are used. Under high temperature conditions, lithium batteries are prone to thermal runaway and cause fire and explosion.

Recommendation: Avoid exposure to the sun, handle the lithium battery with care, and choose a charger with a good cooling effect.

4. Emergency brakes

In summer, the temperature is high, the friction between the brake pads and the brake disc increases, and the brake pads are more likely to wear. If the emergency stop and the emergency brake will also release a lot of heat, a smooth air film will form on the surface of the brake pad under high temperature conditions. When the brake is applied again, the brake will fail.

Suggestion: Avoid sudden brakes, choose to travel in the morning and evening, and replace the brake pads in time.

Summer is the season of high incidence of electric scooters. The first thing is to park the electric scooters in a cool place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and avoid vehicle aging or the above risks!