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Start the trend of e-bike replacement!

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Closely fit. Used to describe the craftsmanship of Grandpa Amu, who recently exploded in oil pipes. No nails, no glue, no angle iron... Thanks to the tenon-and-mortise structure inherited from ancient China, ordinary wood becomes an exquisite handicraft in the blink of an eye.

Not only handicrafts, but in Zurich, Switzerland, there is a building called Tamedia. The upper and lower 7 floors are built without a screw or a drop of adhesive, all relying on the tenon and tenon process.

Tenon and tenon are not only ancient Chinese traditional crafts, but also the "black technology" of the ancients. It is a symbol of the aesthetics of the harmony between man and nature in Chinese traditional culture and the symbol of the time. Between a tenon and a mortise, there are thousands of years of inheritance of Chinese civilization.

It is precisely knowing the importance of mastering core technology that PXID electric bicycle design company has trained a technical team with strong technical capabilities and comprehensive product design.

Constantly breaking through the technical bottleneck, has a number of patents, strong research and development strength and the spirit of overcoming difficulties, to escort every car that PXID leaves the factory.

Start the trend of e-bike replacement!

PXID can always accurately capture the elements that young people love and pay attention to, and integrate them into the design of electric bicycles, so that the industry can get rid of the vulgar temperament, and it can be perfectly integrated with the international fashion circle and the trendy big names. It is precisely because of its unique sensitivity to popular elements that it can be selected by the China Fashion Color Association and become an industry color research base.

At the same time of technological innovation, it is not easy to achieve "beauty" and to provide users with an exquisite experience. In the electric bicycle design industry, PXID has done it. When the elegance and agility of artistic design are poured into sharp lines and solid materials, it gets rid of the stereotyped and clumsy image, the meaning of high-tech, and no longer carries the unattainable cold and hard posture.

Just like, electric bicycles perfectly balance the beauty of art and sophisticated craftsmanship, and elegantly present the soul of science and technology with fashionist aesthetics.

If R&D and innovation strength are the foundation of an enterprise, the pursuit of art and beauty adds a touch of romance to its development.

PXID electric bicycle design company has not changed its original intention of technological innovation and technological research and development, and constantly explores product forms that integrate the beauty of technology, and uses technological strength to help more sophisticated and modern new electric bicycles.

New era, new fashion.