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When choosing an electric scooter, there are also special brakes!

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Brakes are the guarantee of riding safety. Choosing the right brakes is very important, and choosing the combination of brakes is also very important-and the front wheel disc brakes and rear wheel drum brakes are currently one of the most common collocations. What is the reason for this combination, and what should we pay attention to when we buy electric scooters and choose brakes?

When non-loaded vehicles (electric scooters and cars can be classified as non-loaded vehicles) braking, the ground grip is relatively small. We usually put the main brake, that is, the brake with greater braking force, on the front wheel.

That's because whether it is an electric scooter or a car, the front wheel will have a downward pressure when braking. It is this positive pressure that makes the front wheel grip stronger, so that the front wheel will not change from rolling friction when braking. Sliding friction leads to side slips and tail flicks. On the contrary, if the main brake is placed on the rear wheel, because the grip is not strong when braking, the rolling friction becomes sliding friction, and the phenomenon of sideslip and tail flick will occur. Therefore, a brake (disc brake) with better braking capability must be placed on the front wheel.

It should be noted that if the friction between the front wheel and the ground is too small, sliding friction is also prone to occur, resulting in side slip. Therefore, when riding on wet and slippery roads, we should try to avoid sudden braking.

Tips for Brake Selection

When choosing an electric scooter, there are also special brakes!

The following are the more reasonable brake distribution arrangements. You can refer to them when purchasing electric scooters.

(1) Front disc and rear drum

The front wheel is equipped with a disc brake, and the rear wheel is equipped with a drum brake. For example, Luyuan’s front high-precision integrated disc brake, combined with the rear ceramic brake, can achieve the effect of shorter and more stable brake distance and longer service life. At present, Luyuan's MH5, MEA and other car models have adopted this combination.

(2) Double drum brake-linkage ceramic brake

The Lvyuan linkage ceramic brake system realizes the combined braking of double drum brakes, which effectively realizes the effect of single-handed braking and balanced braking of the front and rear wheels at the same time. Even with one-handed braking, two wheels can be braked at the same time, effectively avoiding sideslip, which is also a good choice when buying an electric scooter. At present, Luyuan's FEA, FEB and other car models have adopted this combination.

(3) Double disc brakes

The combination of dual disc brakes is relatively rare on electric scooters. If the brake distribution of front and rear dual disc brakes is to be adopted, the disc brake disc of the front wheel should be larger than that of the rear wheel.