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Trendy travel, super stylish

pxid 2021-07-09 65 times

Tasteful electric scooters in 2020, trendy travel, super stylish!

The fashion beauty behind simplicity is the design concept of simple life and fun travel. This electric scooter designed by PXID is based on geometric elements. The design is simple and colorful but not simple. Everywhere shows the technological content and exquisite workmanship. The simple geometric design allows the beauty under your feet to travel freely.

With both beauty and strength, the designers of PXID easily resolve the contradiction between complex "lightness" and structure with lightweight simplicity and beauty. Behind the lightweight shape is the support of advanced craftsmanship and exquisite structure, and the lines are smooth. The silhouette of the electric scooter gives the electric scooter a smart atmosphere, shortens the distance between people and the car, and makes the car a real partner of people.

High-performance metal baking paint, automotive-grade baking paint process, using three-layer spray paint, making U1 more beautiful and durable. The first topcoat, matte material, makes the entire appearance more textured, high-density protective coating, and at the same time plays a good role in protecting the car body. The second layer of color coating, water-soluble imported materials, makes the color distribution more uniform, the texture is more delicate, and the color is more stable and brilliant. The third layer of sealing primer, the imported primer is mixed with high-density curing agent to enhance the color adhesion and lay a solid foundation for subsequent coloring.

Trendy travel, super stylish

The use of 3D integrated forging forming and low-pressure pouring technology ensures the continuity of the metal fiber structure and keeps it consistent with the shape, complete metal lines, good mechanical properties and long service life.

Innovative folding method, realizing one-second folding, stable and convenient. When folding, hold the handlebar firmly, step on the folding lock buckle forcefully, then slowly lower the vertical pole of the car, and clamp the storage lock buckle on the vertical pole to the position on the rear fender. The U1 scooter has a net weight of 13.5kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a bag of rice, and it is effortless to go up and down stairs.

The direction of the heart is where you can go. When a person is on the way, the heart moves with the situation, from the beginning to the end. The heart is far away, just go forward bravely, dreams will guide the way, how far you go, and how far you go, connecting your footprints into a lifeline. An electric scooter is not only a means of transportation, but also a good partner to accompany you to enjoy life. Bring an electric scooter and take a picture of the scenery.