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Teach you 7 charging methods to extend battery life by one year

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As a good partner for our daily travel, electric bicycles are different from ordinary motorcycles and cars. They support the trip by charging, do not need refueling, and do not require a driver's license. It is more environmentally friendly and convenient.

Let me teach you 7 charging methods to extend battery life by one year

1. Time control

For newly purchased electric bicycles, you should fully charge them for the first time before driving. The first 3 charges should be no less than 10 hours each time and no more than 12 hours, and each time you can charge them for 6-10 hours. In addition, this editor reminds you to control the charging time according to seasonal changes.

Spring and autumn: 7-8 hours, summer: 6-7 hours, winter: 8-10 hours.

2. Charge on time

Please don't use the battery to the lowest level every time you use it. You can charge the battery with about 25% of the remaining power. Develop the habit of charging in time and keep the battery as full as possible.

3. Charging process

When charging, insert the battery first, then the power supply, and then cut off the power supply when fully charged, and then pull out the battery plug.

Teach you 7 charging methods to extend battery life by one year

4. Cooling and charging

Do not charge immediately after each long-distance driving. You should wait for the battery to cool for 10 to 30 minutes before charging, which can extend the battery life.

5. Prevent power loss

When the electric bicycle is not used for a long time, the battery should be charged normally every month, and it is strictly forbidden to store it for a long time under "loss of electricity".

6. Original accessories

Don't change the charger casually, try to use the original charger, and don't remove the speed limit of the controller, otherwise it will reduce the battery life.

7. Regular testing
When the battery capacity decays, you should go to the local repair shop for inspection to determine whether the battery decay is normal. If necessary, you can improve the battery's working status through maintenance.