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How to choose a powerful scooter? Just read this one

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In addition to promotion and salary increase, the happiest thing to go to work is to be able to get to the company in seconds. After all, when no one wants to go to the company, the whole person is exhausted; and the happiest thing to get off work must be faster When I arrived home, I had a good dinner and rest. But when commuting is blocked, people really want to shrink the car and pass through the gap between the car and the car.

The convenient and easy-to-port PXID electric scooters can flexibly choose to take buses, subways and other travel equipment according to their own travel needs, without fear of urban congestion; electric scooters equipped with 9-inch high-elastic damping tires and dual brake systems You can ride as far as 22km, so you don’t have to worry about battery life!
Cool night running lights, bright and bright, classic geometric headlight design, integrated super bright LED lighting, 1.1w high brightness, lighting distance up to 6 meters, a bright headlight makes you feel safer, dark The same will escort you at night.

How to choose a powerful scooter? Just read this one

Simple geometric non-slip grip design, comfortable and intimate grip, can support long-term riding, not easy to slip off. Push-type throttle, free control of my future, waterproof finger dial design, can accelerate with a light press, convenient and comfortable control. The built-in LCD control panel integrates fashion and technology, and is familiar with the conditions of speed, power, gear, etc., giving you a digital driving experience.

Speed ​​and passion coexist. Anti-skid and anti-vibration car-grade tubeless tires have good shock absorption performance. Most urban roads and speed bumps can pass smoothly. The wear-resistant anti-slip contour helps you move forward steadily. The PXID electric scooter is equipped with a super brushless high-performance motor to achieve stable power output and bring a comfortable and soft riding experience.