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Is the slower the electric bicycle safer?

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When driving out, my family would always say: "Slow down on the road!" This sentence is indeed deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so the slow and safe driving are equal. The same is true for riding an electric bicycle. After all, it has two wheels. It is not as stable as the four wheels of a car. It should be driven slowly. So is it really safer the slower it is?

In fact, the explanation for this slowness in our brain is slow = longer reaction time. Having enough reaction time can reduce the incidence of accidents. Even some brick houses have proposed that the speed within 25km/h is the safest speed for electric bicycles. So slowness can really solve your safety problems when traveling, and can you guarantee that there will be no accidents?

The answer is actually no. First of all, speed has little to do with safety. What really relates to it is the rider's awareness of safety precautions. Even if the speed is "slow" and the cyclist gets on the highway or drives on the motorway regardless of his safety, the probability of being hit is very high!

Is the slower the electric bicycle safer?


In addition, the slow speed not only affects the common traffic order, but even in emergency situations, even if the response is made, there is no way to escape because the speed is too slow. To give another example, when driving on a high-speed, the speed limit is 100 yards. If everyone drives more than 90 yards, you can drive 60 yards. At a relative speed, you become an obstacle ahead. In order to avoid you, people need to overtake or change lanes, and they will collide with vehicles in other lanes, which greatly increases the risk of driving.

The reasonable speed is determined by the structural strength of the electric bicycle itself, the technology of the driver, and the safety protection measures. The latest sales of electric bicycles basically pass the national quality and safety 3C certification. The body structure is stronger than the original electric bicycles that exceed the standard, but the speed is limited to 25km/h. If the speed exceeds 15km/h, a Didi speeding alarm will be issued. Netizens are more disgusted!

With the continuous expansion of cities, crowded communal transportation and hard-to-find parking spaces, electric bicycles are an economical and environmentally friendly means of transportation, which plays an irreplaceable role in alleviating the pressure of urban commuting and solving congestion. However, only the speed is limited, but good traffic regulations have not been formed. Those who do not have a strong sense of safety and do not talk about traffic rules will still have accidents.

Therefore, the speed of 35km/h-40km/h can basically meet the travel needs of the public, and the too low speed limit cannot solve the core problem. Electric bicycles should be prohibited from speeding, and at the same time, the driver’s safety and civilized awareness should be improved before going out. Do a good job of protection and abide by the traffic rules.