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In the smart era, green travel will add blue to the sky

pxid 2021-07-05 53 times

Smart electric vehicles have led the short-distance mobility market so far, PXID has been committed to promoting high-tech and intelligent green transportation products. Electric scooters are green, low-carbon and super portable. They are suitable for short-distance transportation to work and class, and can be used as daily routines. Leisure and entertainment, pollution-free and zero emission, only one kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption per 100 kilometers, truly reflects the concept of green transportation.

The number of cars is restricted. The traffic on the street is still long. The smog should come or come. Only by starting from the source, popularizing charging stations, providing more convenience for new energy vehicles, and replacing old gasoline vehicles with new energy vehicles, can the air be completely resolved. problem. PXID scooters can now provide users with only a good short-distance transportation method. If the number of charging stations is sufficient, it can also provide convenient charging for small transportation tools. Electric scooters may achieve unlimited battery life.

In the smart era, green travel will add blue to the sky

Freezing three feet is not a cold day. The deterioration of the environment does not occur overnight. The improvement of the environment is also a long-term consideration. It is hoped that the "I will add blue to the Winter Olympics" campaign will continue forever, not just for a whim.

From now on, if you drive less and choose green transportation means, maybe we can see the real blue sky and white clouds in the once dense haze.