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Not for practice, not for dreams, scooter riding is just life

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Although scooter riding may not have as many participants as bicycle riding, it is also increasing year by year. It is true that riding an electric scooter cannot take a 318 journey of purifying the soul like a bicycle party, but riding is not just for practice, for dreams, and for growth.

I have also been fascinated by riding, watching other people post pictures, texts, and various inspirations on the road, thinking that I have to live that ideal life. But after a while, only the thick chicken broth flavor was left. Resigning and traveling around and hitchhiking seem to be passionate, warm and heartwarming, but it is safe. A smooth journey by others does not mean that everyone will be so lucky, nor does it mean that everyone can learn something from this journey. What? Of course, I am not against cycling, but it is not advisable to follow the trend, and the spiritual sustenance is not far away. I just want to say, stay away from chicken soup, cherish life, and cherish life now. Riding is not called riding for a long distance, just like me, walking in the city on a scooter is also called riding.

Not for practice, not for dreams, scooter riding is just life

One day, when the sky was high, the clouds were light, the wind was breezy, and the mood was as bright and open as the weather, I took out my electric scooter from the cabinet at home on a whim and rode out, relaxing, feeling the pressure of working for a week. It's not so impressive. When I’m in a bad mood, I sometimes have the urge to ride a scooter out for a stroll; or occasionally want to exercise a body that has not been exercised for a long time, and I need to go to the park to see. I will ride my unicycle, ride and surf the Internet , Watching TV, games, these are the same, when I think about it, I might do that instead of deliberately insisting, riding if you want to ride, not riding if you don’t want to ride, nothing more, so compared to those dedicated players, electric scooters For me, it is more like a way of life, a part of life, everything is based on what I want, and there are no dreams or persistence.

Riding is actually just a pure state. Distance, scenery, and purpose are all secondary. People who have a reason can chase it, and people who have no reason can also ride like me and just want to ride, just like You want to eat ice cream and eat the same, there is no reason for it. Me, electric scooters, and riding are just part of the lifestyle, not the whole of life, just be happy!