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PXID strives to create an environmentally friendly and green transportation tool

pxid 2021-07-03 101 times

With the continuous development of science and technology, the green industry has gradually gained popularity. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document on its website saying that it is necessary to vigorously develop low-carbon industries, accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, and vigorously promote the development of strategic emerging industries and service industries.

As a benchmark company in the low-carbon industry, PXID has been working hard to promote green travel and contribute to the cause of environmental protection. PXID electric scooter is green, intelligent, low-carbon, pollution-free and zero-emission. It consumes only one kilowatt-hour of electricity per 100 kilometers. It is a truly energy-saving and green transportation tool.

In order to improve the environment, the government has vigorously promoted green and low-carbon payment. In the general environment of traditional car numbers and restrictions, PXID electric scooters have become a new force for travel in the new era. In order to meet the needs of low-carbon consumption in various industries, PXID strives for excellence and hard research and development. At present, it has launched several products to meet the needs of users in an all-round way.

Each series of PXID products have different models and performances, but the core technology and low-carbon concept remain the same, and they are all green products with the same emission-free. Tests by overseas experts have proved that electric scooters are more environmentally friendly than bicycles and are a low-carbon transportation product in the world. PXID electric scooters are designed for low-carbon transportation and provide users with environmentally friendly and intelligent transportation tools.

The development of low-carbon industries is the driving force for society to continue to move forward. PXID adheres to the concept of green development and continues to advance on the road of low-carbon travel. For smart transportation and low-carbon travel, choose PXID electric scooters.