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Electric scooters stop and go, the problem is in this invisible place!

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Have you ever encountered such a situation: the instrument panel, air switch, motor and other key parts are good, but the electric scooter always stops at once. So, where is the problem?

When it comes to the four major parts of electric scooters, many people can think of batteries, chargers and motors, but they are not familiar with the last one—controllers.

A controller is indispensable for a motor to work normally. The controller pushes each coil winding in the coil, so that the motor can generate an alternating magnetic field, so that it can rotate. In addition, the inspection of the Hall in the motor also needs to be sent to the controller, and then the controller uses calculations and feedback to ensure that the motor continues to work well.

In this process, a drive system with MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, and Hall inspection as the core will be involved. This drive system is very important for electric scooters. If there is a problem with this system, the situation described at the beginning of the article will be the situation where it can't run with electricity, and the car will stop and go. Therefore, choosing a good controller is very critical.

But the common controllers on the market are prone to various minor problems. What are the reasons? The main reason is that, like chargers, motors, etc., the controller is also a heating system.

As mentioned above, there is a MOS tube in the controller, which will pass a larger current when working. As we all know, the thermal effect of current will cause the internal temperature of the controller to rise. The higher the temperature, the greater the power consumption, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the temperature, which creates a vicious circle. Eventually, the controller becomes hot, and in severe cases, the MOS tube will be burned, causing the controller to fail to work normally.

And the controller is generally installed at the rear of the electric scooter, next to some plastic parts and wires. The charger often heats up and becomes hot, which can also cause the aging of these plastic parts and wires, and even damage the insulation, and in more serious cases, a short circuit will occur. Therefore, to ensure the safe use of electric scooters, it is very important to choose a good controller.