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How to charge an electric scooter for the first time?

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For those who buy an electric scooter for the first time, how to charge has become a headache, especially the first few times of charging, which has a very important impact on the health of the battery, so someone asked how to charge the battery. Is that correct?
Charging the battery is not that complicated. It is enough to figure out these points.

1. When charging for the first time, first discharge and then charge

The battery you just bought will have some power, some still show full charge, but the process will take at least 15-20 days from the manufacturer to the merchant and then sell it to the user. The battery is somewhat of a virtual charge, so you can directly charge it at this time. , The charger misjudged that it will not be charged when it is fully charged, and the user needs to ride for a certain distance before charging.

2. Don't overcharge

Overcharge refers to charging the battery with a voltage higher than the rated voltage.

It is best to charge the battery of an electric scooter with a matching voltage. For example, a 48V battery should be charged with a 48V charger instead of a 60V charger. Lead-acid batteries are easy to charge, and lithium batteries are easy to charge and explode.

3. Don't recharge after lighting up

Due to its chemical properties, lead-acid batteries will enter a state of depletion once they emit light. Over time, they will corrode the battery plates and cause irreversible damage. After the lithium battery is discharged, it will enter the dormant state if it is not charged for a long time, and it needs a professional charger to activate it.

When there is 20% of power remaining (the last 2 hours remaining on the dashboard), it is the best time to charge. Even if you forget a few days, you will not lose power and cause the battery to be scrapped.

4. The charging time should be judged according to the battery capacity and remaining power

Common battery capacities of electric scooters are 12Ah, 20Ah, and 32Ah. Their charging time is different. When the 12Ah battery is completely discharged, it can be charged for 6-7 hours. The 20Ah battery can be charged for 8-10 hours. The 32ah battery is charged for 10-12 hours (here refers to the ordinary charger).

You can charge your car according to these 4 points, which is very helpful for prolonging the battery life. Everyone has other good practices, you can also leave a message below to share with other netizens!