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Don’t worry about the “special job” dispute anymore, use a scooter to travel!

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The dispute between special cars and taxis continues to this day, and the nationwide "special car case" has been tried for a long time without a result. Private cars and taxis have their own advantages and disadvantages. Private car services are in place and free drinking water, but the price is too expensive; taxis are cheap, and the driver’s service attitude depends entirely on the passengers’ luck. Isn’t there a one? Is the car convenient and affordable, and can you travel with peace of mind?

Electric scooters give you a new way to travel, say goodbye to special cars, no longer take taxis, and travel easily and travel freely!

Don't worry about the 'special job' dispute anymore, use a scooter to travel!

The scooter is smart and cool, stylish and novel, pollution-free and zero-emission. It consumes only one kilowatt per hundred kilometers. It is a truly green transportation tool. It is more environmentally friendly than a car, saves time and effort than a bicycle, and saves more money than an electric vehicle. It is a good means of transportation for green people and fashion people in the new era. It has strong transport performance and strong endurance, whether it is short-distance travel to work or class, or leisure and entertainment in daily leisure time, it can be competent.

Before the introduction of the private car control law, I believe that the dispute between private cars and taxis will continue. Let them fight each other, ride on electric scooters, enjoy youth, and enjoy travel!