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In the rainy season, give your car more care

pxid 2021-06-26 63 times

With the arrival of the awn species, it means that many crops are beginning to mature, and it also means that from this day, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China are preparing to enter the rainy yellow plum season. During the rainy season, the maintenance of smart cars is a big problem. The humid environment not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also makes your car feel uncomfortable. Therefore, in the rainy season, give your car more considerate care. PXID teaches you Take good care of your car.

Vehicle cleaning

During the rainy season, the climate is humid, and your electric scooter needs more cleaning and care. When cleaning the vehicle, you must pay attention to it. Make sure that the power supply is completely disconnected during cleaning. Do not wash it directly with water. You can simply wipe it with a wet towel to ensure that no water enters the machine. Do not wash with water when the power is turned on. This will damage the balance bike and threaten the safety of life.

In the rainy season, give your car more care

Tire maintenance

PXID does not recommend riding on rainy days, but during the rainy season, there is a need to travel to work, and it is inevitable to travel after the rain. At this time, please pay more attention to your electric scooter. The use of smart cars is inseparable from the role of wheels. Therefore, in daily maintenance, proper inspection and maintenance of the wheels should be carried out. The tightening of the screws of the tire components should be checked frequently to ensure the firmness of the assembly.

Vehicle storage

Please pay attention to the storage of your car during the rainy season. Electric scooters must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not in a damp and airtight place. PXID recommends that users go to the after-sales repair center for maintenance and a comprehensive inspection after using for a period of time to avoid damage to certain accessories due to weather aging, which affects the safety and stability of the balance car.

During the rainy season, give more energy to your car. Only under your careful and considerate care can the electric scooter give you a high-quality user experience.