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How far is it from the era of smart travel? Come to PXID’s answer

pxid 2021-06-24 66 times

With the rapid development of technology, we are already in an era of intelligence. Intelligent technology is constantly changing our lives, and this trend has gradually extended to daily travel. The electric scooters, which have become more and more popular in the past few years, are wearable intelligent travel equipment born in response to the wave of the times. As one of the senior brands that entered the scooter industry early, PXID currently has several diversified products that respond to different travel needs and different price points.

How far is it from the era of smart travel? Come to PXID's answer

Of course, what intelligence changes the core of travel is also the point we care about when traveling, which is naturally a safety issue. And safe travel, partly depends on the traveler’s own safety awareness, and partly depends on the quality and safety of the travel tools, so what do electric scooters do for safe travel?

In any field, intelligent technology provides services for people. Various technological innovations allow us to experience the fun of intelligent travel life, and also free us from the plight of daily travel such as traffic jams and smog. This is what electric scooters can bring to the public, and this is what PXID has been persistent in its long-term efforts.