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Why do you need an electric motorcycle?

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Have you ever been in a traffic?

I believe that for most people, the answer to this question is yes. Whether as a car owner or as a passenger, there are always situations where it is difficult to walk in a traffic jam.

The former gritted his teeth while watching the red taillights, while the latter watched the rising meter and sweating coldly. In the congested traffic, everyone is miserable.

With the popularization of prices, intelligent technology, and popularization of uses, the threshold for driving is constantly lowering. On the good side, we can buy the car we like at a low price to facilitate our lives; on the bad side, everyone thinks so.

Urban roads that are not so smooth are still increasing the burden.

Of course, we can say with certainty that the car is still an indispensable role for long-distance travel, but if commuting in a city, it may become a burden of traffic. In the long run, it will probably become like this:

The parking lot has no location, the buses and subways cannot be crowded up, the queues in the taxi-hailing software, the living is far from the subway station, etc., have basically become a true portrayal of many people's daily commuting.

The first facts about commuting

Take Shanghai as an example. In 2019, the average speed of cars during the morning and evening peak commuting hours was about 24.29 km/h, and the speed of buses was even less than 20 km/h. The average congestion time on weekdays was nearly half an hour. The per capita congestion time exceeds 100 hours. One year is equivalent to a dozen working days when you are stuck on the road.

Why do you need an electric motorcycle?

One more thing, traffic jams are not paid.

One more thing, we can only work 22 days (or 23 days) a month.

In addition, according to the survey, as the number of congestion increases, vehicles will also frequently change lanes, cross and accelerate and decelerate, so the accident rate has also increased.

The second fact about commuting

The average annual commute distance of urban people is about 9 kilometers, and more than 70% of people travel within 10 kilometers.

At this distance, walking too far, wasteful driving, waiting for buses, and crowded subways. At first glance, it seems uncomfortable everywhere, but there must be a solution.

How to get rid of the traffic jam when commuting to and from get off work?

Four-wheelers and two-wheelers are used in different scenarios, namely, four-wheelers are used for long-distance travel, and two-wheelers are used for short-distance commuting. To achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results. Of course, choosing a motorcycle is correct, but not every model is suitable. For example, large station wagons and cruisers are not light and flexible enough.

The most ideal vehicle is a pedal: moderate in size, able to drive freely on the road; simple in operation, and most people can easily control it.

Let's upgrade it again:

Comfortable pedals, simple and refined design, and full of lines. Fast speed (maximum speed 80 km/h), strong power (peak motor power 5 kW), strong climbing ability (40% climbing ability, equivalent to 22° slope), flexible driving and elegant appearance. Moreover, it is also smart. With an operating system and its own driving record, safety and playability have been expanded.

Back to our headline, why do you need an electric motorcycle? The answer lies here.

Motorcycles are flexible, convenient and highly maneuverable; electric motorcycles are more flexible, more convenient, more maneuverable... and more environmentally friendly.

Today’s urban travel is gradually becoming intelligent, electrified, and networked. Traditional oil motorcycles have begun to become the playthings of a minority group. As a new product, electric motorcycles have higher technological content and better capabilities. Intelligent experience, I believe it will gradually become the mainstream of the market in the future.

Do you agree that an electric motorcycle is needed for urban travel?