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PXID scooters make travel no longer worry about “carbon footprint”

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Low-carbon life is the general direction of world development today, and the concept of “low-carbon tourism” has actually been seen as early as in the report of the World Economic Forum “Towards a Low-Carbon Travel and Tourism” in May 2009, with low energy consumption, low pollution, The principle of low emission is to realize the high efficiency and low consumption of tourism resources and the minimization of environmental damage. At present, PXID scooters are widely used in the field of daily low-carbon travel, but in fact, electric scooters can also be used in the tourism industry, leading the fashion trend of low-carbon tourism!

With the rise of self-driving tours and the free high-speed, the situation that must be blocked during holidays, I believe many people have a deep understanding! As a result, a large amount of exhaust emissions during the special period of holidays makes my country's tourism travel far away from low-carbon standards , And presents a high-carbon situation. Therefore, the change of travel mode is the top priority of low-carbon tourism. On the one hand, low-carbon tourism should encourage people to take short-distance travel; on the other hand, it should call on people to take high-speed trains, long-distance buses and other transportation. No matter which aspect, PXID electric scooters are capable of outstanding performance.

PXID scooters make travel no longer worry about "carbon footprint"

1) Micro tourism

Nowadays, the popular tourism keyword "micro-tourism" means short-distance travel. Traveling to the suburbs or neighboring cities does not need to spend a lot of time on strategy, more is to travel at will. At this time, with a scooter on foot, everything is not a problem. High-quality tires can adapt to riding in various road conditions and enjoy the leisurely mood of beautiful scenery.

2) Long-distance travel

For people who travel far or long distances, the reason why they prefer to use self-driving is mostly because they worry about the lack of transportation after arriving at a tourist spot, which will greatly affect the freedom and efficiency of travel. Low-carbon vehicles such as bicycles and electric vehicles are difficult to carry, and parking is also a big problem. The PXID electric scooter is lightweight and can be carried on a motor car or a long-distance car. It can be taken out and used at any time after reaching the scenic spot. It does not need an exclusive parking space and does not need to worry about theft. At the same time, driven by electric energy, electric scooters can travel easily without generating the slightest exhaust gas, zero pollution and more environmentally friendly!

Change the traditional way of traveling, starting from bit by bit, together with electric scooters, come to a free low-carbon tourism, more environmentally friendly and healthier! Enjoy the beautiful scenery of life all the time!