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How to buy a reliable electric bicycle? Just look at these 3 points

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When everyone buys an electric bicycle, they all want to buy one that looks good, has excellent battery life and reliable quality. But after I bought it home, I found it was different from what I expected. Some even broke after less than a year of riding. So, how do you judge whether the electric bicycle you buy is reliable? Generally look at these 3 points.

1. Check for rust or cracks in the frame

The frame is the skeleton of an electric vehicle and the most important load-bearing component of an electric vehicle. Generally speaking, if the frame of the purchased car is rusty or cracked, then the car is basically a refurbished car, even if the paint is repainted, But after a certain period of storage, the rust will still show up.

2. See if the battery is refurbished

How to buy a reliable electric bicycle? Just look at these 3 points

Batteries are the most costly part of electric vehicles. Many unscrupulous businesses like to make money on batteries. The main way is to replace original batteries with refurbished old batteries to make profits. When the user rides for the first time, it may not be obvious. After a week, the acceleration will be weak and the cruising range will drop sharply.

How to see if it is refurbished, one is to see whether the battery coding and production date are recently produced, and whether the numbers on the packaging box are correct, and the other is to see whether there is red or white powder on the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. . If there is one, refurbish the battery.

3. Pay attention to electric bicycles with low prices

We often see low-priced cars of 699 and 799 yuan. You have to keep your eyes open for such a low price. There must be a problem. Because the normal purchase price of a motor is about 150 yuan. The minimum battery price is more than 200 yuan, plus more than a dozen parts of the frame, plastic parts, controllers, and lamps, and the cost price of low-profile models is close to 1,000 yuan. Selling 699 yuan, 799 yuan, are manufacturers and merchants doing charity?

Therefore, everyone must pay attention to these 3 points when buying an electric bicycle. Everyone has a better way, please leave a message below for interaction!