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What value does scooter design bring to people?

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As we all know, for a scooter design company, one of the core values ​​is design. Where is the design value of a company that has successfully used it? Where is the real secret of the relationship between scooter design and product sales? The five elements carried by the product itself are closely related to the design.

1. Structure

In the production process of hardware products, all parts of the product are manufactured into material forms in a structural way, which is the core of the product: the material basis. The customer already exists before buying in the store. In this respect, the main value of design lies in the rationalization of product production, the reasonable selection of materials, and the control of processing and manufacturing costs.

2. Effect

The effect of the product brings consumers all kinds of sensory feelings: beautiful form? ugly? Bright colors? concise? The texture is noble and easy? How is the sense of value? For consumers, a good product image can make them willing to pay more premiums to purchase the product. At present, most Chinese companies still keep the concept of industrial design at this level, that is, a single product appearance attracts consumers to buy.

What value does scooter design bring to people?

3. Function

After the customer buys the product home, the purpose of the product, that is, the use function, becomes the most intimate part of the consumer. A good scooter design company must make the consumer effective, comfortable and convenient to use, bring use value, easy to maintain and recycle.

4. Symbolic meaning

Enterprises plan the product image uniformly through industrial design, which will have a strong visual impact and a sense of unity in the market. Differences in product design from competitors can bring advantages in the sales market and make the product symbolic. A good product image is a cognitive symbol that distinguishes it from other similar products. The combination of a good product image and corporate image will produce a strong synergy, creating products through industrial design and reflecting important commercial differences.

5. Culture

For a classic product, its cultural meaning is greater than its function and its brand influence. Design is not only the focus of the entire product, but also contains a special way of life. If the lifestyle represented by your design is consistent with the needs of society, people will support you and buy your product. It must be a cultural representative. Era, that is, the industry leader.