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I want my balance bike! A few tips to help you choose a balance bike

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Nowadays, many new "transportation tools" have appeared around us. The street is appearing more and more. There are single rounds and double rounds. That's right. I'm talking about balance bikes, which are different from bicycles and scooters. They are driven by lithium batteries and drive very fast. Now there are some smaller, thin, and foldable ones that are popular among young people.

Generally divided into two categories: one-wheeled, two-wheeled balance scooter. Uniwheel, small size, easy to carry, high passability, cool appearance; but difficult to get started.

Two-wheeled, easy to get started, fewer products to choose, low obstacles, low playability, inconvenient to carry (often hitting the feet)

How can you choose one that suits you?

1. Security issues

The balance car has a speed limit. It is driven by a lithium battery, and the fastest cannot exceed its own maximum speed. (As long as you have the strength and the road conditions are good, the speed of the bicycle can be faster and faster) Secondly, two hands are vacated, giving people a kind of subconscious alertness, and will not use their full strength to drive to the maximum speed; in addition, it is recommended that everyone go out to wear Protective gear, protect yourself. In the final analysis, the driver’s safety awareness is the most important. In the final analysis, the means of transportation are just transportation, with a certain constant high speed and a certain risk.

2. Big brands

It is recommended that you buy products from regular manufacturers. I have heard that unregular batteries of unknown brands have caused explosions during driving. Can't be taken lightly.

3. Pay attention to safety at all times. It is illegal to get on a motorway.

No need to avoid taboos, it's illegal

However, generally do not run red lights, drive at a constant speed, do not go to motorways, and traffic policemen will not stop them. They usually wear protective gear when on the road, and the speed does not exceed 20. Keep a distance from other vehicles and pedestrians and travel safely. You can definitely avoid fines. of.

I want my balance bike! A few tips to help you choose a balance bike

In short, in some cities that have issued bans, there are strict regulations that must be followed.

4. Learning attitude

This question mainly depends on your learning attitude, which is the same as when you learned to ride a bicycle.

Spend more time to practice. Don't be afraid of falling. Be brave. Don't be afraid that others will laugh at you. You can be humbly to learn from people who play well (even if you are just a child). Practice also requires persistence, and it is best to study for a period of time every day. Don't try to help the wall too deliberately, it will not be so easy to learn. Getting started is actually very fast.

5. Follow-up of maintenance progress

Maintenance is indeed a problem, which cannot be separated from two major problems

1) A puncture. If it is a large-area puncture, there is no way to find the manufacturer for after-sales treatment.

For small areas, if you have ever repaired a bicycle tire, you can do it yourself. The procedure is almost the same.

2) Send it for repair. There is no way at this point, the most unlucky is the circuit problem, you need to wait patiently, maybe a few days, maybe a few months. Call to follow up at that time.

Be careful:

The cold temperature in winter will reduce the battery life, and severely it may only be two-thirds of the peak value. Charge up as soon as possible. In order for the tires to have a better ground contact area, do not pump up too much. It is recommended to buy a vehicle with an original push rod design, otherwise you can use this push rod in case you encounter a subway station or when two balance cars go together, which will not cause inconvenience.

Generally, the weight of the car body is 20-30 kg, and the higher the battery life, the heavier the car body. Note that it will be sore after holding it for a while, change hands and continue to carry it.

Join a nearby club: Get to know friends who are also learning or have a good time in organizing balance bike club activities. Get together and have fun whenever you have time.