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How to properly charge the battery of an electric bicycle under high temperature conditions?

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With the advent of high temperatures in summer, electric bicycle batteries are prone to various problems during use, many of which are actually caused by improper charging!

Today we will talk about how to charge the battery correctly under the high temperature in summer?

Notes on battery charging in summer

1. Do not charge in the outdoor hot sun

The charger itself will generate heat during the charging process. In summer, the temperature is high, and if it is charged under the scorching sun, it will accelerate the aging and damage of the charger, and even spontaneous combustion and explosion. Therefore, when charging the battery in summer, you must pay attention to avoiding direct sunlight. The car should be parked in a dry and ventilated place and away from flammable and explosive materials.

2. Do not charge immediately after use

Many people are accustomed to recharging the battery immediately after riding and stopping. In fact, it is wrong to do so. In the process of use, each component will become hot and hot. If you charge it immediately after parking, it may cause the line to heat up, or even catch fire. Therefore, it is recommended that you should wait for the battery temperature to stabilize after riding before charging.

How to properly charge the battery of an electric bicycle under high temperature conditions?

3. Don't overcharge

The summer temperature is high, the battery activity is enhanced, the charging speed is fast, and the charging time needs to be controlled. Battery charging should not exceed 8 hours in summer. Many people often charge overnight for 8-12 hours. This overcharging will cause the battery to charge up and deform, which will not only reduce the battery life, but also cause the charger to short-circuit and catch fire due to high temperature.

4. Don't mix chargers

Some people will mix chargers when charging the car, which can cause great damage to the battery. Batteries usually have certain voltage and current standards, and different brands of batteries have differences in voltage and current. Mixing chargers can easily cause the battery to be overcharged or undercharged, thereby affecting the battery life.

All in all, the battery is not "overworked", and improper charging methods will affect the battery life. Therefore, in the high temperature state in summer, you must pay attention to the above points when charging the battery to avoid loss of the battery. Remind you, cherish the battery, so that the electric bicycle can ride farther and last longer!