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PXID: Zero-distance scenery

pxid 2021-06-16 127 times

The streets in each city may be the same, but if you break the sense of distance and walk in person, you can always find the characteristics that belong to the city under your feet. With PXID scooters, you can travel easily at zero distance. I think this is the real tourism.

For a long time, every holiday, regardless of the length of the holiday, has arranged a travel plan, such as short-term vacations around the country, and long-term vacations abroad. I want to travel as many places as possible when I am young. Over time, my family’s travel photos have been filled with several thick photo albums. I occasionally took them out and read them, but I felt that the memory was a little strange, but the deep memory was the exhaustion of constantly riding in the car between various scenic spots. I want to see more places and get to know the terroirs around the world. When did it start to become a superficial outing for the sake of seeing?

After realizing the problem, I began to arrange the always compact travel itinerary more loosely, and sometimes even spent two or three days in the same city. Of course, this is not a long time to understand a city. I just try to give myself as much as possible. A time for in-depth understanding. At first, I was walking, taking a car to the scenic spot I wanted to go to. If the distance was not too far from the hotel, I would walk back. As an outsider, walk on the streets of a foreign country to feel the atmosphere of the entire city.

PXID: Zero-distance scenery

Although walking is tiring, the main thing is that the speed is too slow, and the speed will often be slower when you are tired. For this reason, many countermeasures have been considered. I first thought of bicycles, but it is more troublesome to carry bicycles, especially to far away places, it is impossible to drive by yourself and basically cannot carry it. If you are renting a public bicycle, but you are new to the city, the procedures are also a bit troublesome. So later, I took a fancy to the electric scooter, which is compact and portable, and can be carried anywhere, and it is powered by electricity, which is easier than walking.

When I started to use scooters to travel, I was afraid that some scenic spots would not be allowed. After all, there was still some weight to carry around. After communication, most of the more serious attractions such as museums and memorials can be ridden directly on scooters. Yes, the road occupies a small area, so other tourists will not have opinions, and some people will even take the initiative to ask.

In fact, to me, the electric scooter is not like a transportation device, it is more like a kind of equipment, like a speed-enhanced shoe in a game, which can make people walk faster, but not It will affect the distance between you and everything around you, unlike a car that always brings a sense of distance from the outside world, which affects travel and viewing. The streets in each city may be the same, but if you break the sense of distance and walk in person, you can always find the characteristics of the city under your feet. I think this is the real tourism.