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Love low carbon, love freedom, love the tracks of the scooter

pxid 2021-06-15 76 times

I like traveling very much. With the growth of age and the decline of physical strength, long-distance hiking and cycling trips are already a burden for me, and electric scooters driven by electricity are the best choice to meet my needs. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and labor-saving, can let me re-experience the beauty when I traveled.

"Love low-carbon, love travel, love freedom, love to go as long as you want to go on the *** journey; I also love the tracks of the scooter. I don’t have a luxury car, and I am not a special person. I am me, I It only represents myself and loves the windy journey. I need to use FOSJOAS to turn the sky blue. "If it is written as a mortal object that has been circulated many years ago, probably the reason why I like PXID electric scooters is roughly the same.

I love to travel very much. I have traveled on foot and bicycle before. It seemed to my friends at that time as an ascetic tour, not for fun, but for a certain state of mind. However, as I get older and get busy at work, it is difficult for me to return to the state I used to be. I often look at those people who are still walking on the road, and the envy of "young is so good" arises spontaneously. And the life after the scooter intervened made me experience the mood at that time again.

Love low carbon, love freedom, love the tracks of the scooter

Bosig once wrote in his "Zen and Motorcycle Repair Guide": "It has no window glass in front of you to block your view. You will feel that you are closely integrated with nature. You are in In the scenery, instead of the audience, you can feel the immersive shock."

This is also the reason why I like hiking, cycling, and scooter travel. Although the windows of the car are transparent, allowing us to see the scenery outside, we can’t really appreciate the meaning of travel after all sitting in the car. The enclosed compartment environment will give people a sense of distance from the scenery outside and make us dull. . And cars have speed, but many scenery is fleeting. Only when we slow down and close the distance between ourselves and nature can we not miss any meaningful scenery.

The scooter is powered by electric energy, which makes up for my weakened physical strength due to the increase in age, allowing me to continue the trip I once stopped more effortlessly and easily. However, because of time, I no longer travel far, just walk around the city, and often bring my family with me. Although this time is different from that time, it is equally fascinating and addictive, and it can always create more and better memories.

Such a PXID electric scooter is a blessing just to be able to meet it! Of course, its low carbon footprint can also bring protection and change to the environment. I really hope that one day, the clear water will be clearer and the blue sky will be bluer!