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Me, you, scooter, our low-carbon world

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Our common wish! That is to hope that the blue sky will no longer be gray, that the roads will no longer be congested, and that the air will be fresh and pleasant! There is a leader to change our way of travel, help us low-carbon life, and save the deteriorating environment, TA It is the PXID electric scooter!

In the face of the deteriorating ecological environment, it is not possible to completely shift the responsibility to the country. It is not enough to rely solely on the country’s vigorous governance and improvement. It also requires the joint efforts of all of us living in this blue sky. Low-carbon travel is something we can easily achieve and do in our daily lives. Electric scooters use imported lithium batteries for braking. There is no need to use gasoline like cars, and naturally it will not produce any exhaust emissions, which provides a good way for people who travel with low carbon.

A person’s power is limited, but as more and more people join the ranks of scooters, they become executors and advocates of low-carbon travel, making cities full of green footprints and making the earth’s ecology more harmonious and natural!

Riding Trend # We # Cool

Me, you, scooter, our low-carbon world

Pursuing the trend is the free characteristic of every young person. As a domestic electric scooter design company, PXID pursues technology, high quality and more popular and trendy designs, so that high technology and fashion can coexist.

Strict workmanship # We # Safe and work together

The smart chip and the newly upgraded debugging system make the agility of the system several times faster than that of ordinary scooters, making it run faster, the car moves with the heart, and the response is precise.

Imported lithium battery can be recharged for 1800 times, which is 3.8 times the life of ordinary lithium batteries, and the use time is 2.9 times longer; safe and reliable, non-burning, non-explosive!

Rigorous process processing and material selection are the key to ensuring the quality and safety of scooter products. The core R&D team of PXID electric scooter has devoted many years of hard work and continuous breakthroughs to create high-quality, high-safety scooters. Products, bring us safe riding out.

Let me, you, and electric scooters work together to travel low-carbon and create our new green world.